How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Selling Your House for Cash

Everyone wants to sell their house quickly without the assistance of a realtor. Statistics suggest that 80% of homes on the market are sold without representation, so these techniques can help anyone learn how to sell their property quickly without an agent. Here are some ways you can sell your home yourself in just days!

  1. Get Professional

Before anything else, hire a realtor to assist in selling your house. Although it’s illegal for non-licensed people to certify an agent’s legitimacy, this does not apply if the commission comes from a real estate agent. A real estate agent puts their name on the list and guarantees their commission, so no matter what it takes you must first get qualified by law before trying anything else. Unless you truly need cash fast, do not attempt selling without first seeking qualified help. Want to connect? Visit our contact page:

  1. Don’t Sell It

Though it may seem obvious, don’t overprice your house when selling. Be reasonable and plan to hold onto the property until someone comes along who will pay what you desire for it.

  1. Pricing

It is essential to price your property correctly. Take into account what buyers are searching for as well as any local conditions, then price it competitively in comparison with similar properties on the market.

  1. Services

Once your house is priced correctly, you should advertise it aggressively. An age-old method involves posting a sign in the yard and having flyers printed and sent out to everyone within range with all pertinent information about your property such as address, price point, amenities and features. Other forms of advertising could come through newspapers or web sites like or; additionally you could post signs in parking lots and other easily accessible areas too.

  1. Research Your Competition

Once your flyer and website are up and running, the next step should be to do some research on how best to market it. There are plenty of online resources that can assist in this process and give you a leg up in getting your house sold quickly. This step can make all the difference in getting your house sold quickly!

  1. Pictures

One of the most important steps in selling your house is taking high resolution pictures of it. Include up-close shots, wide angle views and any other images that would be beneficial to potential buyers who cannot visit in person. If you already had professional photos taken of your property, make sure those are included too – providing potential buyers with as much information as possible will increase the likelihood of achieving a speedy sale.